This error message can occur when a user is logging into the DataSplice client.  There are several possible explanations for it.  

Causes and Fixes

  • The user is entering an incorrect password (most common)
    • Test: Can the user successfully login from another device? (if possible)
    • Test: Check and make sure that the keyboard is functioning properly and that caplock is not on.
  • The user's Maximo account is locked out
    • Test: Can the user login through the Maximo front end?
      • Fix: Contact a Maximo administrator and have the user's account unlocked.
  • DataSplice's MaximoPlugin and DbPlugin are not pointed at the same Maximo instance (rare)
    • Test: Use the Admin Client to view the settings for each plugin
      • Fix: Correct the settings in the respective plugin.

For additional assistance please email and we'd be happy to help!