This error message occurs when DataSplice does not receive a response back from the database in time.  It typically occurs when a user is running a sync, but it can also happen when navigating around views, or during times of heavy database load.

Causes and Fixes

  • The time that it takes for a given database query to return, exceeds the CommandTimeout value defined in DataSplice.
    • Test: Does this error occur consistently?  (ie. every time that the user performs a sync, or whenever a certain tab or action is selected)
      • Best Fix: Optimize the query for the view that is responsible for the error.  This can be done with the help of a DBA or by contacting DataSplice support. 
      • Easy Fix: See our Increase the Database timeout page. However, this is not always the best way to resolve the error.
    • Test: If the error is not consistent, then it may be caused by times of heavy database load.
      • Fix: Contact the DBA or Maximo administrator resonsible for the database and have them investigate the issue. The other fixes mentioned above can also resolve the error in this case as well.