Please note these instructions are only for using Koamtac scanners with the DataSplice app.  For general Koamtac instructions, please contact Koamtac directly.

Koamtac scanners are some of the more popular scanners used with DataSplice as they come in several useful mobile form factors, including rugged sleds like the KDC4xx series and small handhelds such as the KDC200.  As such, Koamtac is generally our recommended scanning solution for consumer-grade Android and iOS devices.  It is also possible to use Koamtacs on Windows 7/8/10 devices.

Please see the following articles for general set up instructions depending on your model of Koamtac.  Note that the exact configuration used may vary depending on your organization's unique circumstances.


Koamtac: Set up KDC 1d scanners with Android devices

Koamtac: Set up KDC 2d scanners with Android devices


Koamtac: Set up KDC 1d scanners with iOS devices

Koamtac: Set up KDC 2d scanners with iOS devices

Other Koamtac notes and resources


There are dozens of other settings for Koamtac devices that one may wish to configure.  While some Koamtac devices have a built-in display and configuration menu to change some settings, oftentimes the quickest way is to scan special barcodes found within the Koamtac manual. The most up-to-date manuals with all settings can be found on the Koamtac website here.  The full manual is listed under KDC User Manuals.  There is also a Quick Manual, which mirrors the fold-out insert that came with your new Koamtac device.

Firmware Updates

Koamtac occasionally produces firmware updates for their scanning units.  In some cases these may improve connectivity and functionality.  However, as with any firmware update, there is some level of risk and we generally recommend not installing firmware updates unless there is a specific problem being addressed.  See our Koamtac: How to update scanner firmware article for upgrade instructions, but proceed to update at your own risk.


While it is possible to change the Bluetooth pairing name of the KDC devices through advanced settings, at the present the pairing name of the device must still begin with 'KDC' in order for the DataSplice app to properly recognize the scanner on iOS and Android.

It's recommended to have the latest version of the DataSplice iOS/Android app on your device to ensure that it can communicate effectively with the newest Koamtac devices.  If your organization loads apps through an MDM (or sideloads apps on Android), create a ticket to request the latest app file for your platform.