There two ways to install DataSplice on a Windows Mobile 5.x/6.x device - Cab file installation or a Manual installation.  This guide will provide a walkthrough of the Cab file installation, which is the quickest and easiest method.


Connecting your device

The first step is to connect the handheld to a computer using ActiveSync (or Windows Mobile Device Center). This will create a Mobile Device entry under My Computer in Windows Explorer.

Getting the correct files

There will be either 3 or 4 .cab files needed for an installation, dependent upon the Windows Mobile operating system version on the device.

  1. DataSplice Remote Client, filename: RemoteClient-ARM_PPC.CAB
  2. Microsoft SQL Server Mobile, filename:
  3. Microsoft SQL Server Mobile Replication, filename:
  4. .NET Compact Framework, filename: (not required on Windows Mobile 6.5 and newer handhelds)
    • .NET Compact Framework comes pre-installed on newer versions of Windows Mobile

The necessary cab files to install the prerequisites are grouped in folders based on the target platform. The first step is to determine the platform being used, then you will typically install all the available cab files within the target folder:

  • DS-<Build#>\Clients\Mobile\CabFiles\PPC5\ - Windows Mobile version 5 and newer (most common)
  • DS-<Build#>\Clients\Mobile\CabFiles\PPC4\ - Windows Mobile/Pocket PC version 4
  • DS-<Build#>\Clients\Mobile\CabFiles\CE5\ - Windows CE.NET version 5 and newer

Copying files (from PC)

Copy the desired cab files from your computer to any location on the handheld (\Temp\ works well) using Windows Explorer on the desktop PC.

Installing DataSplice (from Handheld)

  1. Open Programs > File Explorer and navigate to the location used above and tap on the cab file.  The order of installation does not matter.
  2. If storage cards are available this will prompt for the desired location to install the files. 
  • Install system prerequisites (SQL and .NET) to Device.
  • Install DataSplice to the Storage Card.  If a storage card is not used, install to Device