DataSplice has it's own WYSIWYG editor that can be used in the HTML5 client.

For example:

To utilize this editor with a field in the HTML5 client you need to create a validation style and assign it to the field.

DataSplice 5, HTML5 client only

  1. Using the Admin Client, navigate to the MAXIMO role or the view where you want to add the validation style
  2. Name it whatever you want, for this example I'll use HTML Text
  3. Select Long Text for the Source Type, under Style Details
  4. Select HTML for the Format, under Long Text Editoir Details
  5. It should look like this:

  6. Save the style

  7. Set it as a Validation Style on any field(s) that you want to use the WYSIWYG editor 

Note: this does not work with the Legacy clients.

For additional assistance please email and we'd be happy to help!