Error Details:

#Exception Type#: MaximoProxy.Java.JavaInvocationException

Java method invocation exception. Method: changeStatus (class java.lang.String => ....


DataSplice is attempting to use a value that Maximo thinks it should not have permission to use.


Cause 1:

In Maximo, the condition expression for the value is incorrect or too restrictive for DataSplice to use.


Modify the condition expression for the value in Maximo to allow DataSplice to use the value.

For example, remove any requirement that the value can only be used in the context of a specific Maximo application.  DataSplice may not be using the same app to  access the value as a user who is using Maximo directly.


Cause 2:

DataSplice is not configured to correctly look up available values.


If the value is part of a list, find the validation style that queries for list values.  Make sure the Synonym Domain query is filtering by the correct domain.  Also, if the Insert Record event contains a Call Plugin-Function, make sure the FunctionGroup/Name is relevant to the desired action.