Stuck / Duplicate Sessions in Admin Client

One of the main features of DataSplice client is the ability to work in a state where access to the DataSplice server and your network infrastructure is unavailable.  When working in this "Offline" mode, a session is created on the server and a license is consumed.  DataSplice expects that at some point in the future the client will return to a location ( the office, hotel, workshop, etc ) and Synchronize with the server changes that were made while offline.  This problem can occur if the client never returns to synchronize or if the normal flow of user operation is interrupted.

Figure - User 'smithers' has many stuck sessions that are consuming licenses.

Example 1.  Device / Client Switching

Consider a situation in which a user takes a mobile device out of the office to do some field work.  The user logs into DataSplice before they leave, and a license consuming session is created on the server in Offline mode.  The user does some work and returns to the office.  When the user Synchronizes, the device temporarily goes Online for the duration of the sync, then returns to Offline.  The session will remain active in the server until the user Logs Out.  If the user does not log out, and the next day takes a different device out into the field.  There will now be an additional license consuming session on the server for the same user.

The same situation could occur if the user switches between the App and a web browser.  The previous will still be active until the user switches back and logs out.

Example 2.  Losing Client Session Information

Consider a situation in which a user logs into DataSplice and enters Offline mode in preparation to take the device out into the field.  If the user destroys the session information stored on the device, the license consuming session will still remain on the server.  This can happen on the App if the user re-installs the app or uses the 'Reset Application Store' feature of the Server Select page.  This can happen on browsers if browsing history / cache is cleared from the device, either by the user or automated by the device operating system.  When the user then logs in again, there will now be an additional license consuming session on the server for the same user.  This can only be cleared in the DataSplice administration client.

Clearing Stuck Sessions

Stuck / Duplicate sessions can be cleared in the Admin Client.

On the Server Settings screen, select the Active Sessions option on the left.  Then, select the sessions that you want to remove.  Click the 'Actions' menu on the top of the client and choose 'Revoke Session'

Active Session Information