iOS enforces a hard data limit of 50MB for html based apps and websites like DataSplice.  This does NOT include attachments, only actual data records.

This affects users on iOS (App, Safari, or Chrome) who need to store hundreds of thousands of records on the device for offline use.

There is a work around for Safari, where adding a shortcut to the home-screen, allows you to bypass that data limitation.  Safari does not allow use of barcode scanning (bluetooth or camera), so this may not be an appropriate solution for users previously using the App.

Another side affect, is that minimizing the shortcut/safari window and reopening will take you to the homescreen, instead of where you were previously.

To Add a website to the homescreen.  Navigate to the website in Safari and then:

1) Click the 'Send To' icon

2) Click the 'Add to Home Screen' icon

Now, close Safari and open the newly created shortcut on the home screen.

A more appropriate solution would be to re-evaluate your business process and determine what data is truly necessary for the user to perform their work offline.