To clear the cache on a Windows Mobile handheld follow the process below for your version of DataSplice.

Clear the cache for Remote Client version 3.x and 4.x

  • Navigate to where the DataSplice Remote Client is installed.  Typically this is something like <sd card>/Program Files/DataSplice4
    • This will be located on the Storage Card, if one is present, otherwise it may just be located in Program Files
  • Tap and hold on the ClientData folder
  • Select Delete

Clear the cache for Remote Client version 5.x

  • Make sure DataSplice is closed
  • Navigate to where it is installed, usually <sd card>/DataSplice5.1
  • Tap and Hold on the 'Sessions' folder
  • Select Delete
  • Restart DataSplice and login (you may have to reboot device first)