Updating to a newer version of DataSplice is simple and often provides various bug fixes, improvements, and features.

Note:  Any update could potentially cause conflicts with the existing configuration which makes it important to thoroughly test the product in a development instance.

  1. Gather a copy of the latest DataSplice software, such as "DataSplice 5.1.145.zip."  A download link can be requested from support@datasplice.com.
  2. Stop the DataSplice service.
  3. Extract the contents into the existing DataSplice folder, overwriting the Server and Clients folders.
    1. 2016-10-12%2010_51_18-DS_TEST_INSTANCE.png

    2. 2016-10-12%2010_55_02-Replace%20or%20Skip%20Files.png

  4. Start the DataSplice service.
  5. Clear device's cache for changes to take effect.

Also installing the Forms client?  Refer to the following documentation, http://support.datasplice.com/support/solutions/articles/1000252360-forms-web-client-installation-update.

For additional assistance please email support@datasplice.com and we'd be happy to help!