Users are having to constantly reconnect the Koamtac scanner to the handheld.

Cause and Solution

There are multiple reasons that causes this.  This can be caused by powering the Koamtac off, as when the Koamtac is powered back on, it does not by default reconnect to a previously paired device.  This can also be caused by transmission interruptions.  In either case, it is useful to enable Auto Connect and Auto Reconnect on the Koamtac devices.  Enabling Auto Connect tells the scanner to automatically reconnect with previously paired devices when powering on.  Enabling Auto Reconnect tells the scanner to attempt to reconnect to a device if it loses connection while already powered on, up to ten times over two minutes.  These can be enabled by scanning the appropriate barcodes below for your scanner.  If you are unable to scan from the screen, you can also print out this PDF.

Refer to this page for further tips on how to set up a Koamtac scanner with your device.