Installing an existing DataSplice instance onto a new environment requires copying over all the DataSplice files, reinstalling the service, and configuring the plug-in options.

1)  Ensure the new server meets the requirements for DataSplice.  (

2)  Start by copying over the entire root DataSplice directory onto the new server.

3)  Open an administrator CMD.  Navigate to the Server directory containing DSService.exe and reinstall the service.  This can be done using the following command while in the Server directory, "DSService.exe -install <Instance Name>."


4)  Once the service has been installed go ahead and start it and log into the admin client (..\Clients\DSAdmin.exe).  Most of the configuration options should be the same as in the last environment, however, ensure the JVM and class paths are still valid.  If any of the settings have changed such as database profile, or Maximo's location be sure to specify the new details.

5)  Once the configuration has been adjusted restart the DataSplice service and verify there are no errors by checking the "Verify Connection" box and saving the changes.  You should see the plugin status message display no errors.


At this point, DataSplice should be running and integrated with Maximo.  In some cases, you may need licenses re-issued as the server key could have changed.  If this is the case, please email and provide the name of the instance, and server key.

If only the views must be migrated refer to the following link,

Supporting Documentation:

For additional assistance please email and we'd be happy to help!