When using DataSplice 5.1.149+ and accessing the instance via the Remote Client on Windows, it's possible to set DataSplice to catch a scan event through the use of a prefix (also sometimes called a preamble).  This is useful as it allows a variety of scanners to operate with DataSplice in HID mode without the need for a specific driver or outside interpreter.  The scanner must be connected in HID mode (not Serial or SPP mode) via Bluetooth or USB.

To begin, create a role level attribute with name, DS_SCANNER_WEDGE_PREFIX.  The attribute value will be the prefix for which you want DataSplice to watch to initiate a scan event. 

We recommend using a value that both is not found in your barcode schema and will also be unlikely for users to press manually on any keyboard (for example, ¥).  However, the values available to you will be limited by what your hardware supports -- see the manufacturer documentation for your particular scanner to see what's available to you, and how to set the prefix on that hardware.

Any users that are logged in when the DS_SCANNER_WEDGE_PREFIX attribute is added/changed will need to log out and back in to DataSplice for their client to recognize the added prefix modification.  Clients will then need to select 'HID' under Driver Name within Hardware Settings.

Once selected, one can scan a barcode to test to see if the hardware's prefix has been set correctly.  If so, it will appear beside the Test text.

Note that at the present time, hardware and OS limitations prevent this prefix method from working on iOS and Android devices.