Below is a list of default ports that the DataSplice server will use to communicate with clients and infrastructure.   Obviously, your network and infrastructure will differ and you will want to refer to those ports instead.


Default - 4180, this can be configured in the `dssplicer.exe.config` file


Maximo RMI Registry - 13400

Maximo RMI target application - Unfortunately, this is random by default and controlled through `mxe.rmi.port` maximo configuration setting

When using LDAP with Maximo, DS often uses an AuthTokenProvider that is hosted on the UI port of the maximo application.  UI port is usually 80, 443, 9080, or 9443


Usually port 80 or port 443 for public esri servers

Ports 6080 or 6443 by default for private esri servers

MS SQL Server

Default - 1433

Oracle Database Server

Default - 1521


Default - 50005 or 50000