Intermec/Honeywell introduced scanning intent engine software on their handhelds running Android 6.x and above that is used to pass scanned tags to DataSplice.  This software supports multiple scanning profiles, so a profile needs to be created specifically for DataSplice.

(Note: This article does not apply to Intermec Android devices running Android 4.x -- for these, one only needs to select the Intermec driver within the DataSplice app's hardware dropdown list.)

Setting Up a DataSplice Profile

  • Open the device's main Settings app
  • Under the "Honeywell Settings" section, find the Scanning option and tap it
  • Tap "Internal Scanner"
  • Tap the + in the upper-right to begin creating a new scanning profile
  • Tap "select an application" and then find and tap DataSplice in the list
  • Tap on the new DataSplice profile to edit it
  • Tap "Data Processing Settings"
  • At the bottom, enable the checkboxes by "Scan To Intent" and "Data Intent"

  • Tap on the words "Data Intent" to edit this option's values
  • Tap on "Action" and type in 'com.datasplice.intent.RECEIVE_SCAN' and hit OK

Enabling the Intent Scanner in DataSplice

  • Inside of the DataSplice app, navigate to the hardware settings page and select 'Intent Scanner'