Like many devices, Koamtac scanners have internal firmware and the ability to update that firmware.  Also like many devices, updating firmware is potentially hazardous to the device in some fringe situations.  Thus, DataSplice generally does not recommend attempting to update Koamtac firmware unless there's a specific issue that one is trying to solve.  DataSplice takes no responsibility nor liability for issues or damages to your Koamtac product while following these instructions.

Requirements: Koamtac scanner and appropriate USB cable for the scanner, a Windows desktop or laptop with administrative privileges and functioning USB port, access to the Internet

Step 1

Make note of your Koamtac's current settings, as they will be overwritten during this process.  A list of commonly recommended settings can be found here, though these may vary depending on your organization's deployed hardware solution.

Step 2

Be sure your Koamtac is not plugged into the computer (note that if the Koamtac is plugged into the computer while factory defaults are applied, it oftentimes will not pick up the USB connection and will hinder the process), then restore your Koamtac to factory defaults.  You may use the barcodes below, or download them in PDF format here if your scanner is unable to scan from your monitor.  Depending on the model of Koamtac, it may take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes to reboot and complete this operation.  The Koamtac will generally let out a long beep when it has finished.

Step 3

Attach the Koamtac scanner to the computer using the appropriate USB cable.  Then, download the appropriate firmware update file for your model of scanner from the Koamtac website here.  Extract the zip archive and run the executable.  You may need administrator privileges to run this program.

Step 4

In the updater program, press the Step 1: Select Serial Port button, then Yes on the popup warning box.  The program should automatically populate the COM port to which the Koamtac has automatically been assigned.  If the installer hangs here, check to make sure that the Koamtac has been assigned a COM port within Windows Device Manager.

Step 5

Press the Step 2: Check KDC button.  After a few seconds, this will return the scanner's serial number and current firmware version.  If the installer returns anything else here, you likely picked the wrong firmware update file from the Koamtac website.

Step 6

Press the Step 3: Download New F/W button, and then Yes on the next two warning boxes.  This should send the updated firmware to the Koamtac.  If successful, another box will inform you of that, and that you should set the Koamtac to factory defaults again.  Hit OK and Exit the updater.  The Koamtac will restart after the firmware update, which may take anywhere from several seconds to a minute.

Step 7

Again scan the appropriate Factory Default & Reset barcode from Step 2 above.  Depending on the model of Koamtac, it may take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes to reboot and complete this operation.

Step 8

Detach the Koamtac from your computer and set it back to the appropriate settings for your organization.