Inserting/updating a document attachment with the attributes, URLTYPE, and ADDINFO on Maximo versions later than results in a failure.


Place URLTYPE above/before ADDINFO for any insert/update events.


Maximo includes changes to the FldDoclinksAddInfo class requiring "URLTYPE" to be defined before "ADDINFO" when inserting/updating.  Found in ..\..\..\businessobjects\classes\psdi\app\doclink\

Lines 36-39 are added when upgrading from Maximo to


import java.rmi.RemoteException;
import psdi.mbo.MboRemote;
import psdi.mbo.MboSetRemote;
import psdi.mbo.MboValue;
import psdi.mbo.MboValueAdapter;
import psdi.mbo.Translate;
import psdi.util.MXException;

public class FldDoclinksAddInfo
  extends MboValueAdapter
  public FldDoclinksAddInfo(MboValue mbv)
    throws MXException

  public void action()
    throws MXException, RemoteException
    Doclinks doclinks = (Doclinks)getMboValue().getMbo();
    if (!doclinks.isNull("document")) {
    if ((!getMboValue().isNull()) && (getMboValue().getBoolean() == true))
      doclinks.setFieldFlag("printthrulink", 7L, false);
      doclinks.setFieldFlag("doctype", 7L, false);

      MboSetRemote docInfoSet = doclinks.getMboSet("DOCINFO");
      MboRemote infoMbo = docInfoSet.add();
      doclinks.setValue("DOCINFOID", infoMbo.getUniqueIDValue(), 11L);

      String urltype = getTranslator().toInternalString("URLTYPE", doclinks.getString("urltype"));
      if (urltype.equalsIgnoreCase("WWW")) {
        doclinks.setValue("PRINTTHRULINK", false, 11L);

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