Certain updates to DataSplice sometimes require the client to complete reset their browser storage. Below are the instructions for Chrome, IE11 and Firefox.

NOTE: Make sure the user is logged out of DataSplice before proceeding.


1. Hit F12  and navigate to the Application menu. Check the boxes under Storage and Cache then click Clear Site Data

2. Right click on refresh wheel click "Empty Cache and Hard Reload" 

    Internet Explorer (IE11)

    1. Click setting on the menu bar and navigate to Safety, then click Delete Browsing History.

    2. Check all of the boxes and than hit the DELETE button


    3. Click the settings button (gear) and then choose Internet Options near the bottom. Within that menu, click 'settings' under the General tab.

    4. Click on the Caches and Databases Tab and then delete the cache corresponding to your DataSplice instance



    1. Click the Menu button ()  and then click Options.

    2. Navigate to the Privacy & Security tab. Under Cookies and Site Data, click Clear Data...

    3.Check both of the boxes and click clear

    4. Refresh the page