Error: Offline functionality is not supported in this environment.


This error is often encountered when a browser/client doesn't support certain application technologies such as the WebSQL/IndexedDB storage adapters.  For example, a customer is using DataSplice 5.1 which only supports WebSQL and it just so happens the customer is also using the Mozilla Firefox browser which, as of the most recent versions, no longer supports WebSQL and only IndexedDB.  As a result, DataSplice cannot utilize the WebSQL adapter and the above error is thrown.


1. Use a browser/client that supports the application's web standards.

2. Upgrade DataSplice so it's aligned with the browser/client's supported web standards.

Browser versions supporting IndexedDB:

-- Chrome: Version 11+

-- Firefox: Version 4+

-- Safari: Version 7.1+

-- IE: Version 10+

-- Edge: Version 12+

-- Opera: Version 15+

Browser versions supporting WebSQL:

-- Chrome: Version 4+ (Supported in latest version 73)

-- Firefox: Not Supported

-- Safari: Version 3.1+ (Supported in latest version 12)

-- IE: Not Supported

-- Edge: Not Supported

-- Opera: Version 11.5+

Supporting Documentation:

-- Patch Notes: DataSplice 5.1 / DataSplice 5.2

-- Plugin Version Compatibility:

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