We will be ramping up our support very soon and there are going to be a few changes to our user interface. Here are a few FAQ's regarding the transition..


Q: Will I still be able to contact support by email?
A: Yes! You will still be able to contact support by emailing support@datasplice.com or by calling us at (970) 232.1730

Q: What changes will be made to the support portal?

A: The new support portal will include a new user-interface and knowledge base. You will still be able to create and track tickets in the new support portal. 

Q: What happens to our OPEN tickets?

A: Our support team has a migration plan to manage and oversee the migration of CLOSED and OPEN tickets. If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to email us at support@datasplice.com

Q: Will I still receive the same great support from DataSplice team members?

A: Yes, these changes won't effect how we respond to tickets!